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A new state available in ext_emconf.php of extensions allows administrators and developers to set extensions to be protected against updates. When an extension is updated, but local version contains changes made by administrators that they don’t want to be overwritten, the system wide update will protect the extension set as excluded from updates.



To make use of this feature, change the ‘state’ value in $EM_CONF[$_EXTKEY] array to ‘excludeFromUpdates’.

More info:
RFC: #9167: Feature: Mark extension as write protected

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  1. Steffen Müller

    Does it already work in production? I am not sure if TER already supports this feature. Don’t wonder if this option disappears after Uploading to TER. Steffen Kamper promised to fix it, but I’m not sure if it’s already done.

  2. Dan Osipov

    It works in the BE, preventing you from automatically downloading updates. It wouldn’t make sense to set an extension to prevent updates in the TER…

  3. Steffen

    Oh man, I’m sorry. Not my day today. I mixed it up with doNotLoadInFE.

  4. Dan Osipov

    I thought so 😉 – yes, doNotLoadInFE is not supported by TER yet (AFAIK).
    BTW, blog post on doNotLoadInFE is coming up soon too!

  5. Patrick Gaumond

    Just to help people a bit, what is needed is to *replace* the state.

    In /typo3conf/ext/tt_news/ext_emconf.php

    Change :
    ‘state’ => ‘beta’,

    ‘state’ => ‘excludeFromUpdates’,



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