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Today I finished reading “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware” by Andy Hunt. Let me start by saying, that I’m really glad I picked up and finished this book right before the New Year. Why? It’s a checklist I’m putting on my New Years resolutions.

The book starts out by describing the differences between novices and experts (and the steps between). Very quickly it dives into learning modes, personality traits, and more. But it doesn’t just cover the theory – on the contrary, it describes practical applications of the theory for personal improvement. It gives action items for applying these ideas and describes the outcomes. Finally, it talks about personal and professional efficiency.

The book is well written, with humor added to make it a fast enjoyable read. Nevertheless, it packs a ton of information into very little space, and makes you think about your own learning and thinking abilities – opening the mind through observations. I definitely enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone – not just programmers – who wants to change perspective on their thought process.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning


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