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BE can be locked by maintenance. For that a file typo3conf/LOCK_BACKEND needs to be created – either manually, or using the CLI script lowlevel_admin.

CLI scripts will still have access to the system, and could be used for maintenance during that time.

More info:
RFC: #10322: Send Notification if BE is locked

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There are some new functions that load JS libraries:

Loads prototype if it wasn’t loaded already
Loads Scriptaculous, if it wasn’t loaded already
Loads Scriptaculous with modules
Loads ExtJS. This function also accepts two parameters: if first is set to true, ext-all.css will be loaded, if second is set to true, gray theme will be loaded.
If you would like to add ExtJS code to the BE module which has a template class defined (which most BE modules do), you can now add it to an array:
$this->doc->extJsCode[] = …

This code will be inserted into the header section of the page, and wrapped in Ext.onReady(function() { … });

More info:
RFC: #10121: New template-function to add extJS inline code
RFC: #10144: enable JS-Libs in BE

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New property allows to set default GET variables in TypoScript. If the value is not passed, the default noe is used instead, and available to extensions through standard methods. If you want to set an array value, use the ‘.’ syntax.

For example:
config.defaultgetVars {
tx_extension_pi1.variable = 2

More info:
RFC: #10040: define Default GET-vars