iPhone on Flickr

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Apparently, iPhone has become the most commonly used camera on Flickr.It has overtaken both Canon Digital Rebel, Nikon D80, and Canon 40D. While this is not really suprising, it does say a lot about the rumored iPod camera. If true, it would most likely be another hit for Apple.

Canon develops Hybrid IS

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Electronista reports that Canon has developed a new technique for Image Stabilization (IS). Image Stabilization does wonders for wildlife and macro photography, as it eliminates the camera shake enough to allow for sharp images at several f-stops lower than before. This lets photographers get sharper images in lower light conditions without the use of a… Read more »

Canon 1D Mark IV: Evolution

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As an avid Canon 1D Mark III user, I was delighted to see rumors of the next step in 1D evolution. The camera is reported to have a 16 megapixel sensor. More impressive to me is the huge ISO range, from 50 to 26,500, apparently with very high quality. The camera is told to be… Read more »