WebViewChromium – still MIA

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Update 10/31/2013: The WebViewChromium is now implemented in Android 4.4 KitKat! If you’ve ever used WebView in Android, you know that its a double edged sword. On the one hand being able to bring the full power of HTML and Javascript into a section of your application frees you up from vastly more complicated native… Read more »

Real-Time Web

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I recently read an article in Business Week, describing the birth of “Real-Time Web”, and a flood of investments into the area. The concept is pioneered by Facebook and Twitter, where the action that happens “now”. Today I heard about PubSubHubbub from Google (try pronouncing it, I’ll wait). It allows you to use a hub… Read more »

Google OS

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Is anyone surprised? This has been talked about for years now, but finally Google anounced its own Operating System. Suprisingly, yet not, the system will not be entirely based on Linux, as was speculated before, but on Chrome, further blurring the line between PC Operating System and the web. The fact that the new OS… Read more »

Analytics API

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Finally! Google Analytics API Launched! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. Just imagine the possibilities – all the data & features of Analytics at your fingertips, ready to be processed how you want them to be! Expect to see some mashups soon!