Doctrine 2.0 Entity Serialization

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Doctrine 2.0 documentation recommends against serializing entities. If you ignore the documentation, you will be faced with PHP notices, such as Notice: Unknown: “id” returned as member variable from __sleep() but does not exist in Unknown on line 0 as well as broken object relations on unserialized objects. But its very tempting to use the… Read more »

Bisna lib and Doctrine 2.1

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Those of you using Bisna library to easily hook Doctrine 2 ORM into Zend Framework, may find that it is incompatible with Doctrine 2.1. The reason is the rewritten annotation reader in Doctrine 2.1, which Bisna doesn’t support. However, its easy to update it. In Bisna/Application/Container/DoctrineContainer.php, find the method startORMMetadata (should be the last method… Read more »

Using NGINX as load balancer for TYPO3

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Nginx has emerged as one of the popular webservers to run the TYPO3 framework. Advantages to using Nginx are that it is lightweight, fast, and reliable – unlike Apache, which has a much bigger footprint in terms of resources. Nginx is frequently set up to handle static files or cached pages (thanks to its memcached… Read more »

NuSphere PHPEd 5.9

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NuSphere PHPEd IDE has been upgraded to 5.9. New release introduces full support for PHP 5.3, including the debugger (available forĀ  awhile now), and syntax support for one fo the major PHP 5.3 features – namespaces. Complete list of features: Full support for PHP 5.3 in all parts of the IDE. PHP 5.3 constructs are… Read more »

NuSphere PHPed 5.6

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The new version of the greatest PHP IDE is officially out!! Here is the official list of key features: PHP Debugging enhancements Settings Wizard provides an easy to use, simple UI to help you start debug PHP scripts in any environment Support for multiple Parallel debugging sessions. You can debug multiple PHP Scripts simultaneously and… Read more »