Type All The Things!

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Scala is statically typed. Yet we rarely use it to our advantage. For example let’s say you have a function with the signature: def convert(a: Double, b: Double): String Of course, the author hasn’t written a comment, and clearly didn’t expressively label the variables. So lets fix it: def reverseGeocode(latitude: Double, longitude: Double): String The… Read more »

Handling Avro records in Scalding

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In this post I’ll try to cover how to write and read Avro records in Scalding pipelines. To begin, a reminder that Avro is a serialization format, and Scalding is a scala API on top of Hadoop. If you’re not using Scalding, this post is probably not too interesting for you. Let’s begin by defining… Read more »

Scala Days 2015 Recap

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I was very fortunate to attend Scala Days 2015 in San Francisco this week. It was incredible to talk to the people behind the language, and to get a glimpse of a wide ecosystem. I wanted to post a short recap of some of my thoughts and feelings after the conference. Martin Odersky delivered the… Read more »

Reactive Android, Part 3

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In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we examined different methods of creating a reactive application on Android, where events (either UI events originating from the application user, or background events generated by the system) trigger certain actions. We examined using an event bus and Observables in the context of a demo application, a… Read more »