Type All The Things!

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Scala is statically typed. Yet we rarely use it to our advantage. For example let’s say you have a function with the signature: def convert(a: Double, b: Double): String Of course, the author hasn’t written a comment, and clearly didn’t expressively label the variables. So lets fix it: def reverseGeocode(latitude: Double, longitude: Double): String The… Read more »

Spark on AWS EMR – The Missing Manual

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Apache Spark recently received top level support on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) cloud offering, joining applications such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Presto, and Impala. This is exciting for me, because most of my workloads run on EMR, and utilizing Spark required either standing up manual EC2 clusters, or using EMR bootstrap, which was very… Read more »

Debugging Apache Spark Jobs

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Would you like to step through your Spark job in a debugger? These steps show you how to configure IntelliJ IDEA to allow just that. Unlike a traditional Java or Scala application, Spark jobs expect to be run within a larger Spark application, that gives access to SparkContext. Your application interacts with the environment through… Read more »

Apache Spark on EC2

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Its easy to get started with Apache Spark. You can get a template for a Scala job using the Typesafe Activator¬†and have it running on a local cluster with a small dataset. You can also use a handy script spark_ec2 to launch an EC2 cluster as detailed in Running Spark on EC2 document. You could… Read more »