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One of the major features in TYPO3 4.3 is the advanced frontend editing. Although its not part of the official distribution, it is available as an extension, and adds amazing functionality to your TYPO3 driven site. But did you know that you can edit any other record in the frontend using feeditadvanced functionality? Here is some simple TypoScript code that allows you to edit tt_news records from the frontend:

plugin.tt_news.displayList.title_stdWrap.editPanel = 1
plugin.tt_news.displayList.title_stdWrap.editPanel {
editPanel = 1
allow = edit,hide,delete
line = 5
label = %s
onlyCurrentPid = 0
previewBorder = 4
edit.displayRecord = 1

Here is what you will see in the frontend, next to each tt_news title marker:


And if you click edit, you will get a standard form allowing you to modify the record:


Generally, any record that has stdWrap properties can be wrapped in this code to enable FE editing.

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New setting stored in $GLOBALS[‘TYPO3_CONF_VARS’][‘FE’][‘sessionDataLifetime’] defines the lifetime of frontend session data in seconds. The setting can be modified in the Install tool.

More info:
FYI24 Feature #11508: Integrate possibility to define lifetime of frontend session data
FYI24: Feature #11510: Store timestamp of last modification of session data to frontend user object

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New property for GIFBUILDER BOX object allows opacity to be defined, and set to anywhere from 0 (transparent) to 100 (opaque).


10 = IMAGE
10 {
   file = GIFBUILDER
   file {
   20 = BOX
   20 {
      color = red
      opacity = 50

More info:
RFC #11264: Add an opacity option to the GIFBUILDER BOX object

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New array is similar to TCA in structure, but applies to BE user settings. It can be manipulated just like TCA, but has fewer options and properties. From Core API documentation:
property: dividers2tabs
data type: int
description: Render user setup with(out) tabs, settings are as in TCA: 0 = no tabs, 1 = tabs, empty tabs are hidden, 2 = tabs, empty tabs are disabled
default: 1

This contains the configuration array for single fields in the user settings. This array allows the following configurations:

property: type
data type: string
description: defines the type of the input field
allowed: text, password, check, select, user

A field with type=user also need a userFunc defined.

'fieldname' => array(
'type' => 'user',
'label' => 'the label',
'userFunc' => 'classname->theRenderFunction',

property: label
data type: string
description: label for the input field

property: csh
data type: string
description: CSH key for the input field

property: access
data type: string
description: access control. At the moment only a admin-check is implemented
allowed: admin

property: table
data type: string
description: if the user setting is saved in a DB table, this property sets the table. At the moment only be_users is implemented
allowed: be_users

property: eval
data type: string
description: eval field to md5 (used for password field)
allowed: md5

property: items
data type: array
description: array of key-value pair for select items
allowed: only used by type=select

property: itemsProcFunc
data type: string
description: define external method for render items of select. Other than TCA you have to render the
<select> tag too
allowed: only for type=select, use class->method syntax

This string is used for rendering the FORM in the user setup module. Fields are rendered in the order of this string containing the commalist of fieldnames.
To use a tab insert a “–div–;LABEL” item in the commalist.

More info:
RFC: #11019: User Setup Rewrite #4
RFC: #11407: [Feature] Allow type=”user” in user setup