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Sometimes its not possible to find the dimensions of the entire element in GUIFBUILDER, however these dimensions need to be used in offsets. The new function max() returns the maximum of the two values. For example:
XY = [10.w]+[20.w], max([10.h], [20.h])
More Info:
RFC Feature #10725: Integrate possibility to determine maximum of multiple values in GIFBUILDER

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New function isOnCurrentHost gives a convenient way of checking that the passed URL matches the current host. One use would be to limit BE editors to referencing URLs only to the current host.


if (t3lib_div::isOnCurrentHost($url)) {
   // Do something

More info:
RFC: #10724: Feature: Provide a check that compare a given URL with the host, TYPO3 is running on!

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The filelist can now be manipulated by TS. The new property will fill in the list from a declared folder:

It allows you to set the filepath where images are taken from to be set via TypoScript, with a stdWrap option to dynamically set this value. By default this is set to get the value from the data record field “select_key”

Set filepath in the content element to:

Then add the following TS:
tt_content.uploads.20.filePath.field = select_key
tt_content.uploads.20.filePath.insertData = 1

More info:
RFC #10673: Feature Request: Enable CSC “uploads” filelist to be manipulated by TS